PROJECT: NetQ was already a highly-scalable modern network operations toolset that provided visibility and troubleshooting into networks in real-time. When we came aboard, we set out to address the needs of a broader user segment, simplify operations, increase efficiency, and elevate the user interface. With NetQ 2.0, we architected, designed, and front-end developed an enterprise-friendly graphical card-based dashboard that provides deep analytics, leveled insights, real-time info, and operational intelligence on the health of the network. The new card-based GUI also supports one-click network trace, networking validations, and debugging.

SUMMARY OF SERVICES: Strategy, Information Architecture, UX-UI Design, Data Visualization, Project Management, Front-end Development, Acceleration

DURATION: 12-month project

TEAM: 1 Architect, 1 UX Designer, 1 Visual Designer, 1 Project Manager, 5 Developers